Just Me

A former all-American girl turned tea guzzling Brit.  I grew up in America’s heartland but the pull of history brought me over to England to study.  Here, I met my charming, lovely and sometimes stubborn husband.  I am a self-confessed caffeine addict with no plans to reform.  I have learned to accept the amazingness of coffee which I drink in bucket loads.  I have spent over 10 years trying to figure out how to fit in here in Britain, from re-learning how to take my tea to walking, it’s not just for exercise any more, it is transportation.  I have re-learned to drive on the opposite side of the car and the road.  And spent almost five golden years just enjoying life.  In my fifth year here though, tragedy struck.  My father was diagnosed with a  terminal cancer and suddenly the bubble of unaware bliss burst.  After his untimely death in October 2011 and my 30th birthday in March 2012,  I realized I was a thirty year old stuck in dead end job and things had to change. I created a list of things I wanted to achieve and places I wanted to go to over the next 30 years. I also began to build a career and worked very hard to help us finally hit the middle class idle of British life.  Everything in my life became about getting and keeping my job while working in a rapidly changing field.  I finally became exhausted and life was only about survival, not living.  I began reading all those articles about how to find happiness and a variety of books – some which felt inspiring and some which felt down right patronising.  Life was getting me down and I had to begin to reframe my life.  I needed to figure out what made me tick, what gave my life meaning and what downright gave me some fun.  This is my year of self discovery.