Posted in Discovery Project: July

History & Me

This month is dedicated to history. And it is going a bit slow.  We have not been able to use our National Trust Membership the past 2 weekends.  I am however working my way through A Very Short Introduction to the Vikings and I have been working my way through several historical documentaries, however I am not doing so well with trying to learn a bit more about a period that I do not know very much about.  And we really only have next weekend to make the exhibit.  However, I have watched a World War II documentary as well as a documentary about major life events in the middle ages – births, deaths, and marriages.  I think there are probably more that I have been watching however, that would require me to go through my Netflix history.

There are 2 things that I still want to do despite the time being short to get them done.  I still really want to get to the local museum’s Viking exhibit.  I also want to go to an abandoned medieval village near where we live in the coming weeks. If I continue to make good progress on the book I am currently reading, then hopefully I can start another book before the travel month begins.


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