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June: Not yet ready for full-blown meditation

There are so many things I have learned from this project and I could begin to list them here and now, but I think I will wait and do a full-blown mid-year review next week.  But, one that really affects June is, if you aren’t ready for it, don’t do it.  I was not ready at the start of June to try meditation.  I really wanted to try it but ultimately, listening to my inner voice, where I was at the beginning of the month and what I could and could not do, I recognised that now might not be the right time for this.  And in a few ways I can really tell that this was the right decision.  Firstly, I became ill, probably some of it was due to being run down and it was probably made worse by hay fever but I definitely needed a break and to cut myself a big bit of slack because I was running my engine a bit too hard.  I took on a coaching course, which I love doing but may not have been my best move when trying to do this and find a centre of gravity for my life.  I am an overcommitter by nature though and will do everything possible in my power to achieve everything, including running myself ragged.  Still, an opportunity is an opportunity and should be grabbed with both hands.

All of this discussion makes me sad that I have completely missed this month.  I will say that while Mindfulness on its own doesn’t seem to help me, yoga appears to be here to stay in my life.  This is a good thing.  Sunday riding and Thursday yoga are two staples in my life.  They are the days in the week I look forward to most.  They make me happy and keeping me going.  They also help keep me centred.  And even if they aren’t meditation, they are a beginning for finding the path back to me.  So, as much as I hate to say it, sorry meditation, now might not be your time to enter my life.  Maybe we should try again next year?

Also, this image felt particularly poignant for this post when I saw it on Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “June: Not yet ready for full-blown meditation

  1. I feel like I’m kinda in the same boat…I’d really like to start meditating but it’s just not really working out, and I really don’t feel like it’s a thing you should force, yknow?


    1. Exactly! I feel if I try to force it, I could ruin the experience for myself. So, I will wait for the right time for me to start and hopefully I will recognise it when it comes. Thanks for the comment. 🙂


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