Posted in Discovery Project: June

Spiritual Failure: Survival Mode

For the last few weeks, I have been failing in my spiritual quest.  Why?  Well, my husband thinks it is because I try to take on too much and there may be a degree of truth in that.  I think also I have had a few very busy weeks at work which have meant I come home exhausted and needed to do some self-care.  For me, this means boiling life down to just the few things I need to do for surviving.  So, I went to work and came home, then tried to sleep where possible.  But mostly, my life has revolved around doing only the absolutely necessary which meant lots and lots of hard work at work.  There have been good things.  I have been chucked into the deep end and come out doing reasonably well on a few things at work.  I also have had some major projects at work that are requiring a large amount of set up.  We have also been trying to arrange our travel for the month of travel.  Add on top of that the work I am doing for my Coaching course and you can see that how I might feel overloaded.  And I am coming down with a sinus infection I think.  So, I have been struggling with finding some time for myself and much of my time has been around just being.  I have downloaded a meditation application but I have not even been able to touch it.  I don’t want to be overly optimistic and say I will start it tomorrow, because I have tried that before and when it didn’t work out, I was upset with myself for not getting it done.  And for now, I think I will mostly just try to get by moment to moment and day to day.  I think I clearly need to take a step back, re-balance and re-centre myself.  Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh day with no mistakes in it. And maybe what I really need is an Anne of Green Gables perspective.  Each night, I hit the reset button and tomorrow is a new day.


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