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19 – 21 May: Processing

I have been doing quite a bit of processing this weekend for a few different reasons. I ran into someone who is in a bad place themselves over the weekend which helped me think about where I am at and how I am feeling about being there.  I have been working to put things into perspective which is feeling a little hard at the moment.  I will say though that I did do some of my yoga on Friday night, which was helpful and I binge watched a show on Netflix.  I felt bad for binge watching television instead of doing something productive and then I remembered that I really need to give myself some downtime and how truly bad I am at downtime.  I have done some work for my coaching course which has felt very positive  and like I am working towards my future.  I was actually given feedback on Friday that I am very good at giving positive reinforcement and encouragement to my peers, which I must admit made me grin.  Yesterday, we spent the day with friends and meeting a potential new friend, which felt good.

What  am I trying to figure out for this project is that Mindfulness has fallen by the wayside a little bit.  Yoga I seem able to do a few times a week plus the class, but Mindfulness I let it fall off and I can’t seem to get back there.  Someone who has come into my life in the last year has told me that we all explore things at a time that works for us, and whenever I haven’t followed up something they have suggested to me, they tell me that maybe it just isn’t time for me to do so.  The point being that we do things when the time is right for us.  I really like that philosophy and am considering taking it forward.  It also helps me explain to people why I am interested in something that they are recommending but may not feel able to take it up right at that moment.  I still have no answers on where or when Mindfulness might fit into my life.

Horse riding as always is a joy.  The horse I seem to always ride and I are getting along well and he even sticks his nose is my face to say hi when I first enter the riding area these days.  And he sticks his neck up so I an rest my hand on his neck to help me get off after the lesson.  He even makes sure I say goodbye to him.  And when the instructor says my name, he gives his ears a little wiggle and like he is starting to pay attention.  He knows quite a few English words already like trot and canter.  He and I seem to do alright together and he seems to tolerate my existence, which when you are riding something that is quite a bit bigger than you and could probably kill you, is a good thing. And again, it sounds like something that is going well in my life at the moment.


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