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16 & 17 of May: Eurovision, Yoga and Mindfulness

I had set out to do yoga for 30 minutes every day this week. This is going a bit better than last week although I forgot about our make-up Eurovision date with a friend yesterday which meant no yoga or mindfulness. Still, watching and mercilessly mocking Eurovision was a balm for my troubled soul. It felt great to laugh. This week has been an absolute chore from hard conversations in my family to feeeling completely undervalued at work to it feeling like people who say I can trust them are trying to undervalue me or actively cause me self-doubt. So, dear reader, you may think that this is the perfect week to practice my yoga every day and to get back into the mindfulness swing, and you would be right.  However, I find the weeks when I need these tools the most are the hardest weeks to do them in. I don’t think I am alone in this otherwise there wouldn’t be quite so many books written, but it is true. It is hard. 

Tonight, I didn’t do all my yoga but I did do about twenty minutes and I read the article in the link below. I am also going to try to do a quick mindfulness session before I go to sleep to hopefully help me  drift off. But the article helped me think about my own worth and how I might tie that in with what others think of me and how they treat me. Maybe I need to really sit down and consider my own worth. Am I under selling myself to others and to myself? I always think I am not as good at my job as I probably really am. I can think of 3 problems I foresaw at work in the last week and prevented and no one will really know that I did that.  I can always think people will miss me when I am gone, but honestly, how do I get them to realise that I am worth it now? Or can I? How do I get people to stop taking advantage of me and my work ethic? 


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