Posted in Discovery Project: May

Day 12 of May: Recovering

I haven’t done my mindfulness again yet.  I think I will pick it up on Monday.  And today I didn’t do any yoga either.  After the injury last week I decided to take it a bit easy and to just check in with my body today.  I will try for 30 minutes tomorrow.  But, I did find something else out about myself today despite not doing any of my ‘spiritual’ stuff.  My new life philosophy is simply this – one thing for society, one thing for me.  My work has been running a campaign to collect sanitary products for refugees.  So, on my lunch I went out to super drug and picked up some items for the campaign and dropped them off in the box.  Then, I picked up Subway for lunch.  I had not had it in ages and I was struck with a sudden craving.  So, one thing for the universe/society and one thing for me.  The simplicity of this philosophy hit me between the eyes.  I realised both how simple and fulfilling it was.  Sure, I probably didn’t need the reward for myself, but it felt nice to give myself a little treat.  Nothing too extravagant mind, but just a little treat.  And finally, I posted the picture of the items they were looking for as part of this campaign to my Facebook account and asked if local friends would mind picking up an extra item in their weekly shopping trips.  Not too many responses yet, but I kind of hope people do.  I just keep thinking if I was in that desperate of a situation where I had to leave everything behind and run or only my (non-existent) kids could get out of a horrible situation, I would hope that wherever I ended up, people would be kind and understanding and most of all, that I would need to worry about bringing a toothbrush with me. And so I am trying to help provide the kind of help and support I would want in that situation.  I think the world would be a kinder place if we all remembered that we were just one step away from losing it all.  So, one thing for me, and one for them.


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