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The past week of May: How to get ill and get off track

It turns out, if you try and over-commit yourself and then keep going, you will fall over.  In case anyone else hadn’t figured that one out yet, let me just go ahead and confirm that one for you.  So, I ended last week fighting a cold.  Well, actually I just felt really rubbish, I had yet by Friday afternoon, to establish that it was a cold. But I left work a bit early, came home and vegged out doing nothing until bed time.  Annoyingly, I had a full weekend planned, and the deliberation began. To do or not do the organised events.  But, since it was a thing I had signed up for through a company, I went for it.  It was a miserable but also good two days.  However, by Monday morning I was even more exhausted than I was on the Friday.  Dutifully, I trotted into work on Monday morning and tried to quietly not expire at my desk.  Not quietly enough because I was sent home.  In retrospect, this was the correct call.  However, I still had some homework to do for a training course I was beginning on Wednesday.  So, I dosed up and tried to get through it.  It took me probably twice as long as it should have to complete the pre-work.  And I still felt awful.  Roll on Tuesday, where I did brave it out.  By Wednesday, and the course I was feeling loads better.  More importantly though, I have learned a lot about Coaching and I freaking love it.  I think maybe I could be good at it.  But most importantly, it really relates to this project because Coaching is all about finding a better version of yourself – breaking down your goals into manageable/tangible and workable goals and then working towards them.  How is that not this project?  Also, where has this been all my life?  We’ll see if the enthusiasm sustains, but I’m definitely enjoying it right now.

The other set back from this last week is my calf muscle.  I really strained it in last week’s yoga class.  And this has meant hot baths (for cold and leg) and a heating pad.  As it finally started to feel better yesterday, I could go to yoga tonight, but the cold and the injury have set me back in so many ways this last week.

  1. I have failed to keep up this journal.
  2. I haven’t progressed on my yoga.
  3. Mindfulness has gone by the way side.
  4. I am not as far as I thought I would be on a few things.

So, using my developing coaching skills, how am I going to get myself back on track?

  1. I am going to get back to writing this journal
  2. I am going to try to do the 30 minutes of yoga I was meant to be doing daily. this next week.
  3. I am going to redo the mindfulness for last week and kick start that practice again.
  4. I am going to try to play a little catch up this weekend (but not too much so I fall over again).

I will try to report back tomorrow.


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