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Day 4 of May: My yoga journey

To be totally honest with anyone reading out there, this isn’t my first go at yoga.  In fact, it’s my 3rd  or maybe 4th depending on how you look at it.  About a year ago now, I had a really bad fall down the stairs.  In fact, I was going up stairs to change so I could do my yoga to some videos recommended by a friend, but fate intervened.  I tumbled down the stairs, hurting my knee and ankle on my right leg.  At the time I didn’t think it was that bad but when I push myself a little too hard, I can still feel it in both.  After that, I lost the enthusiasm and the momentum.  Then, through work, they advertised a programme where I could do 4 beginner lessons for £10.  I did it and loved the instructor and really enjoyed the experience.  I felt pushed just the right amount.  So, when that finished I moved to the main yoga class available through work.  That had a rotation of instructors, one who was gentle and lovely and one where it felt more like an aerobics class.  The aerobics class version wasn’t what I really wanted because I wanted the spiritual connection.  When the gentle lady announced she was pregnant and would probably cut back her teaching, I quit the class.

Thankfully, after that maze of finding out what I liked and didn’t like in yoga, I have found the teacher of the first beginners course who I love and I am happily back working with her in a beginners class on Thursday nights.  And I am loving it.  I feel it gives me the best of the connection of body, mind, and spirit as well as feeling like I have really worked on my muscles.  With her guidance, I think maybe I can move this into one of my zens.  I also have realised that I struggled with the videos because it didn’t work for me trying to do it on my own.  The impetus of having a class and a set weekly time with an instructor who helps me safely form the poses has really transformed the experience from one that was a chore to one that I now love.

I think one of the big experiments for me throughout this project is to really get in touch with myself again.  Find out what is a chore and what isn’t and what might be a chore if done one way, but if done another way is completely enjoyable.  This is a time of experimentation and try all those things that I thought I would like and to see if I actually do.  It’s a time to move forward but do so in a contemplative way.  Yoga has been a good thing to help me reconnect with my body and its needs which in all honesty, I have not thought about in quite some time.


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