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Day 23 & 24 of April: the zen of the garden

First, let’s start this post with one of my frustrations.  It is annoying me that my Breathe Journal ends this month yesterday.  It isn’t the end of April.  So, I am continuing my Mindfulness into this week and well, I’ll just have to see how it all goes.  Luckily, my new yoga class starts on Thursday so that will bring me into the yoga month this week anyway.  But here’s a few little things that made a stressful day better today.  A friend is going through a tough time and has been for years.  She recently had to move house into a not very nice rental.  I sent her a gift card to buy cleaning supplies and a book because we pondered starting a history book club but we live too far away from each other.  I told her I would be happy to discuss the book over messenger if she wanted.  I don’t know if she will take me up on that but it was fun to put together a small care package for her and delightful to send it off for her. The anticipation of her receiving it is exciting.

The second thing that was particularly fun today was finding a hidden edible garden in town.  I could wander around it in the sun and just feel relaxed.  But, even more interesting was this little hidden away cemetery with old graves and a big apple blossom tree.  The path into it was bathed in pink and white petals and the graves were old and ramshackle.  There was a lovely old church that was just barely visible at the end of the path, between the trees.  It was so lovely that I cannot wait to back again and spend more time there.

One thing that has taken me by complete surprise this month has been how much I love gardening.  I think it is like many things for me, if I have a vision for it, I love it.  I now have a vision for it and I am very focused on gardening and getting it to the place I can see in my mind’s eye.  Horseback riding has been another zen like thing for me.  I am so focused on staying on the horse and trying to ‘steer’ the horse that it takes all my attention and when I’m cantering, I’m a little euphoric.  But more important, I try to get a rapport going with the horses I ride.  I want them to feel like we are working together.  I don’t know if I achieve that, but I feel it is a good aim.  And the final thing that takes me out of my own thinking is a good story.  Currently, I am loving Neil Gaiman reading his Norse Mythology to me!  Thanks dude! Any story that can capture my imagination and bring me into its world is a winner. I understand that mindfulness isn’t necessarily about shutting off my mind, but focusing on what I am doing in the moment.  Currently, these are the things that I can shift all my attention to when I need to move my day of work from current thinking to the past.  These are my mindfulness go-tos, my zens if you will.

Apple blossom cemetery 


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