Posted in Discovery Project: April

Days 19 & 20 of April: Wrestling with mindfulness

When you get news that is unsettling and throws a bit of uncertainty in your life, it can make it so incredibly hard to work on mindfulness.  And I have not been doing my walking because it has been cold or wet or both.  It seems a particularly nasty bit of cruel irony that when things become a bit stressful in your life, it is hard to do the exact thing that you need.  However, I may be not be fully mindful during brushing my teeth and I may have only gone on one walk so far this week, but I have been practicing the body scan meditation every day and that seems to go well. I feel deeply relaxed and that definitely helps me.

An interesting side effect of this year, which I did not expect is that I am reading physical books quite a bit more.  I’ve always been a big audiobook fan but since I am a slow reader, I often prefer to listen to books and not read them.  Since starting this project though, I’ve become a bit of a reader.  Let’s not get carried away.  I’m not my husband who goes through a book a day practically.  But, for me, I’m doing brilliantly well.  I’m very pleased with that.


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