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15 Day of April: Raisin Meditation and learning to relax

This story is beginning to seem the same day in and day out.  I try to do the mindfulness in the shower and fail. Today was absolutely no different. I have back troubles and end up getting a massage to work out my back tension.  Today was a massage day and my body feels much better for it.  But, during that time, I have to focus on my breathing.  I do so much better in my massages than I do with the mindfulness meditation.  I am not sure why though.  Maybe it is the lack of  someone speaking?

I have also tried the raisin meditation today.  I had to focus on every aspect of both the raisin and eating it.  I am ashamed to say that I seem to have felt similar feelings of those who felt absolutely ridiculous doing it.  I felt really silly.  I understand the principles behind the mindful eating, but I feel really weird doing it.  I tried several times and tried very hard not to giggle at myself.  That isn’t great.  I need to focus on eating the food when I’m eating the food.

We also went to the garden centre.  During the trip to the centre, I was very focussed on what we needed and my vision for my garden.  That made me really proud of myself.  Last year, when I started working on my garden, I couldn’t see what to do with it.  Now, I have a complete vision on what to do and how.  It is still a little haphazard with me just choosing things that I want and then laying them out when I get home, but I am pulling it all together and I think by next year it will look great.  More importantly, when I am fixing up our garden, I am not thinking about anything else.  I am focussed solely on making the garden beautiful. Ten years ago, I never would have considered myself a gardener.  And in a million years, I never thought it would be something that would relax me, but here I am… a gardener.


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