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14 Day of April: It’s all good

Today’s is not going to be about Mindfulness which seems a bit strange since that is what this month is dedicated to.  But today was a little personal victory.  I will start with the Mindfulness part of my day though.  It started with a nice long lay-in.  I do love the Easter weekend here with four whole days off.  So I slept in and watched an episode of Who do you think you are, which I absolutely love, while drinking coffee and eating a pastry.  I was then running completely late to go meet some friends in town for lunch which meant no real time for a mindful shower.  I tried, but it wasn’t going to happen.

It turns out, I am really great with kids and even the doubter realised by the end my kid wrangling powers were pretty darn good.  It was lovely to have a little boy run up to me to hug me, even if I had only met him once before. But, as I sat at that table, what was a decidedly average question to pass between people who have not seen each other in a while turned into an interesting and thought provoking question for me.  I was asked if I was doing alright.  I realised as I talked about my tickets for Rent, our upcoming weekend in the Lake District, my horse riding, my upcoming yoga class, my previous trips to the theatre, time with friends and a coaching course I have signed up for, that I was actually alright.  It was in that moment, I realised that I was okay.  Things were generally pretty good which was something I hadn’t felt in quite a while.  Spending time with my friends meant I stayed in the moment and present.  I didn’t think about work or plan for the next day.  I just talked, and laughed.  And, the day only got better when I went for ice cream and coffee and a scone.

It was lovely to see friends I don’t see that often but it was also lovely to realise that I was okay for the first time in a little while.  And living in the moment was brilliant. Today definitely goes in the win column.


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