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9 Day of April: Sun, sun and more sun

Before riding around 12, since it was such a gorgeous morning, I decided to do some light gardening and take down a few tree branches that block the sunlight from my other plants.  I became overly ambitious and have now filled our green garden waste bin.  Riding today was brilliant and I think I am progressing okay.  I still enjoy riding and it helps take me out of my head. And if I am honest, I don’t really care if I ever learn to jump.  I just like riding.  I think that is important for me right now to have something that keeps me from drowning in my own thoughts while there is so much uncertainty in the world.

After riding I had intended to come back home and read my Mindfulness book to prepare myself for starting the journey on Monday, but it was sunny and warm.  So after my lunch, the husband and I headed out to go on a 3 mile walk.  It was beautiful and warm and I spent as much time outside as I could.  And really, isn’t that what Mindfulness is all about? Being present in the moment?  We walked and talked and enjoyed the sunshine.  It was a beautiful day.

I came home and I rested for a few minutes and then began to cook.  I made a roast chicken for dinner with stuffing and a pasta salad for my lunches this week.  It was all going so well.  I began to clean the kitchen and then I put bleach in the sink.  I looked down and a new Doctor Who shirt I bought at the Doctor Who Experience got bleach on it.  And, it only is for sale there.  I was so frustrated at myself.  And I am disappointed to lose it, but I am trying hard not to let it drag me too down.  The rest of my day was brilliant.

And now, I am trying to decide between reading or watching the new Vera.  If I’m honest, I think Vera is going to win.


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