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Days 7 & 8 of April: Ice cream, wine, book shops and sun

Friday was again not the greatest day of work.  But, 30 minutes eating my lunch in Waterstones’ Cafe was amazing, but left me with little browsing time.  So, I left work as early as I could and off I went back to Waterstones.  First, Paperchase because I was determined that there was a magnetic list stationery I could buy to stick on our fridge, but it turned out my memory was faulty and what I thought I had found, did not in fact exist.  Off I went to Waterstones.  Now, we definitely don’t need any more books in our house, in fact, we are trying to get rid of them.  However, I bought a book.  A book on Salem’s witch trials because it has both history of witches and history of Colonial America in it, both of which appeal to me and together are irresistible.  I knew I shouldn’t have, but I want to support Waterstones.  We need to keep book stores open so kids can browser and be surrounded by a world of reading.  Also, they are cool places, usually with an awesome vibe.  Most importantly of all, we need to keep physical stores going.  So, I felt good because I had a book I wanted and I was helping to keep the book store open.

Today, I was meeting up with two current colleagues and one former colleague in town.  I ran my errand of taking my trousers to get hemmed and then still had plenty of time.  With the Viking centre reopening in town today, I knew where there would be action and some fun people watching, plus the good ice cream is down that way.  I headed down and found everything I was looking for and ate my delicious ice cream in the sun while surrounded by tourists and viking interpreters dressed as vikings… while soaking up some of that gorgeous, English Spring sunshine.  It was a beautiful day.

I met up with some people, ate food and drank coffee.  Then my former colleague and I went for a drink and, that’s right, you guessed it, a browse around Waterstones.  And, yes, I did buy another book.  On my way home, I went for walk around my village to get up to 10,000 steps for the day, which I have achieved.  All in all, it was a pretty terrific Saturday.

Now, after such a successful Saturday, you may ask what rock and roll things do I plan to do with my Saturday night?  Well, read my Mindfulness book.  I got through a big chapter yesterday and now I am at the introduction to the actual 8 weeks of work.  I am ready for that but I needed to read all the background information and theory to understand how it could really work for me.  Also, I have continued to try the 1 minute technique of focusing on my breathing and today, I tried the chocolate meditation which was both delightfully fun but an interesting sensation at the same time.  Still, I am working hard to open my mind and to bring myself to a mindful place.  Wish me luck!


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