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5 Day of April: Mindfulness & Exhaustion

The last few days I have been working hard or travelling for work and have not had a chance to read my Mindfulness book.  I had reached the first exercise which was trying one minute meditations that focused on breathing, which I have been trying to work into stressful or difficult situations.  I need to get back into reading and continuing the journey.  At the minute, things are all a bit go, go, go and I am feeling pulled in all different directions and trying to keep a level head on.  But, with my father’s birthday looming just on the horizon, I can feel the tension growing and now, more than ever, I need to get back to the book and keep learning the techniques.

I think this part of the project is feeling hard because it is both a difficult path and self-study.  Plus, with a few harder days, my motivation is pretty gone. One idea I have also had to help me find my motivation again and particularly for mindfulness was to get back into my colouring book.  Ages ago, I bought one of those adult Doctor Who colouring books.  I started on it, but quickly became frustrated when I couldn’t find the exact colours I wanted for a particular picture.  But, my thoughts are returning to it and it may help give me the push I need to really commit to this mindfulness thing.  I may need to pull it out again this weekend and give it a try.  I think I will.


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