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2 Day of April: Mindfulness plan

After reading the first parts of the Mindfulness book, it apparently sets out an 8 week course to follow.  So, there we go.  I will work on following the first four weeks of the 8 week course for this month.  Problem solved.

This weekend I had so much I wanted to get done.  And I did get some done.  I planted the rest of our plants and did a bit of gardening.  We ran to the tip and got rid of lots of stuff that was just hanging around the house, taking up space and being clutter.  I doubled checked a store where I thought I saw a few things for our front room, but I didn’t like one of them as well on second viewing and I couldn’t find something else I thought I had seen previously.  So, the trip was a bust, but I now know exactly what I want to hang on the walls in the living room which I think will look great. The rest of the time I relaxed this weekend.  And we spent some time with friends today.  All these things help the happiness and fulfillment quotient.

While there are a lot of things I could be worrying about going on right now, including work things and my future, I am not.  I’m simply enjoying what I have at the moment.  I think horseback riding gets a big part of the credit for that.  I finally loosened up and did a few of the things I really wanted to do.  Things that weren’t survival priorities, but personal priorities, like riding.  It is scary and fun and is exactly what I need in my week.  It is a true source of contentment.


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