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22 Day of March: Is it really a failure?

Today was an intense day at work for me.  There is no other way to describe it.  I had planned to go out for my lunch and write in a coffee shop, but the intensity and the weather of cold rain both discouraged me from going out.  And then my ‘disaster fascination’ as my husband called it encouraged me to watch the BBC news this evening rather than reading on the couch.  But as I glued myself to the tv for a night of constant news watching, I began to think about if I had really failed.  I wonder if sometimes going with the flow, going with what you feel like doing is better for the soul than pushing yourself to do something you aren’t particularly interested in doing at that moment.  So, was today a failure, or was it a wild success because I went with my emotions and my feelings for the day?  I am not sure.

I have also been thinking about the month swaps that I will have in my personal discovery project.  In the way that sometimes fate steps in to make things a bit better, I truly think that changing around my spiritual quarter of the year will work better now.  I will move from Mindfulness to Yoga (mindfulness and meditation with movement) and finally into meditation itself.  I think learning meditation takes a significant amount of work and so to go from mindfulness through movement with meditation to still meditation feels like the obvious and best progression.  I’m glad because I had niggles about the spiritual quarter coming up and this has provided me with some reassurance.


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