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21 Day of March: Ch-Ch-Changes

Sadly, I have not yet noticed much in the way of changes in myself but I am changing around a few of my plans for this project.  I began researching for April as we are nearing the end of March, only to discover that there is a longer version of beginners yoga course with my favourite instructor at her studio, but it was full.  Inquiry into the possibility of private lessons proved that those were slightly out of my price range but she would be teaching another beginner’s class at the end of April and through May.  I jumped at it and booked myself in.  This led to a dilemma though as April should have been yoga April.  And because my fingers had now been burnt by the lack of classes available for my needs, I began to review if mindfulness or meditation had classes or sessions that I could take in April.  They do not.  Worse still, mindfulness (the non-expensive version) are also on Thursday evenings during the same weeks I will be doing my yoga.  Hmmmm…..  At least there is a Buddhist meditation retreat one weekend in June that I can do.  That will keep me on track with starting my meditation in June.  It does lead me to wonder why is April such a tricky month?  And why are all the things I want to do on the same day at the same time?

And while we are making changes, I think travel (which should be July) and History (which was meant to be in August) will also be swapping places.  We are planning a trip to my hometown in August and hopefully we will do a bit more travelling around the edges of that trip.

But, enough with the changes and the planning – what about today?  Well, I didn’t get my hike done that I wanted to, but I did get a bit of walking in.  I focused on appreciating the small things today after yesterday’s lack of success.  It led to me appreciating small moments like when my favourite wrap was available at the coffee shop just across from my office and when I was walking into town to get some steps in and coming up to a bus stop just as I did was the exact bus I needed.  Those precious little miracles in the day (although I don’t believe in miracles).  I savoured moments of tidy work spaces and quiet moments with my coffee.  Today was a good day for focusing on the small things.  I am beginning to work through what head space I need to be in to appreciate those things.  I understand that I can’t just turn on and off that mood, like a switch.  It is a mindset.  And I am working to get there more regularly.  This will probably be a long, slow progress for me, but I am hoping that my spiritual quarter of the year which is coming up next can help me with that.  If I can just get all my guided practices and classes lined up!


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