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Day 19 of March: Understandings of yourself and what you think is fun

I had high, probably too high, ambitions for this week.  I didn’t do the hiking or going out on the Moors.  What I did do and what I liked about these things was far more interesting.  As normal, most of this week, I went to work, came home and tried not to immediately fall asleep as was my desire.  We sat and binged watched Riverdale, which I am enjoying in a Twin Peaks, light noire kind of way.  Secondly, I had a night out with a friend this week, where we joined someone else’s night out.  The combination was hilarious because I love academic baiting.  It is one of my raison d’etres.  Why is that you say?  Because imp of the perverse.  Also, because I have more contact with arts lecturers than science or maths.  And there is nothing more fun than a good old fashioned academic blood feud row.  I can hear you judging me from here and I am okay with that.  But here’s the deal, most of this stuff is theory.  It is mostly built on someone’s idea who others respected.  There is no ‘one truth’ and therefore, winding up academics (many of whom are tightly wound anyway) and setting them off is so much fun.  Also, if you can start a row between two academics over a theory cherished by both but from opposite sides, I highly recommend it.  Bring popcorn.  Academic smack downs are the new blood sports of the 21st century, you heard it here first people.  So, on Friday, I drank wine and wound up academics for my own nefarious purposes and it was awesome.

Yesterday was a double header at the literature festival happening now in our town.  First up was Mark Gatiss in conversation.  He turns out he is also a big fan of Jon Pertwee as the 3rd Doctor, just like me (squee fan girl moment). But, he is a hammer horror fan, meh.  Thirdly, he teased an American girl in the audience and for this he must be punished.  I think my husband summed it up best when he said, I saw a lot of you in what he was saying.  To which my response was, yes and now I hate him.  Why you may ask? Well, I could say it is because he is this amazing successful person and I am not and I am jealous.  But I think the man himself summed it up.  ‘It’s like when your favourite band is too popular.’ The bastard made me feel not a unique little snowflake.  He is what I could have been if I was a gay guy born in Britain in the 1960s.  But I did learn something that struck a chord. Doctor Who was born of Sherlock Holmes and HG Wells.  While this may not be new for others, for me it was a big ‘OH MY GOD, THAT IS SO TRUE!’ moment.  Full disclosure, I love Sherlock Holmes and HG Wells.

The second in our double header literature line up was Storytelling.  It was an artist telling Grimm Fairy Tales in his own unique way.  There was a musician working with him who was incredibly talented and could move between musical instruments quickly and sometimes playing 2 at once.  But the man had the gift of storytelling.  He held his audience captive.  I always forget what a true art form storytelling is.  And it is one of the oldest.  As humans, we have been telling each other stories for eras.  We love a good tale.  And the not so hidden wannabe anthropologist in me would love to understand how the art of story telling weaves its way through various societies, both old and new.  It also reminded me just how much I love, not just a good story, but being told a good story, and it being told well.  Storytelling is the backbone of society.  The stories are our history, our present and our hopes for the future.  Things can tell stories, but the best ones are the ones that people tell.  And in a way, that wraps up the whole of my weekend escapades.  They were experiences which I will turn into stories.  I challenged the academic narrative for funsies.  And Mark Gatiss sat telling a version of his story to his interviewer as well as an audience.  The world is a world of stories.

Today, I was back on the horses and I loved it.  I really missed it when I was away last weekend.  I think it makes me a better person to hang with the animals.  So, that was my perfect weekend.  I loved pretty much every second of it.  The best and most orneriness version of me came out.  And I had so much fun. And, it will be a great story to tell on Monday.


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