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Day 15 of March: Exploring, taking a risk and being spontaneous

I struggled to update here and get ready to visit a friend last week so here’s my week recap.  Monday, as I did discuss, I took a risk and took in a plate of cookies to my work.  Many of them are bakers so to get praise from them was high praise indeed.  I got quite a few compliments on the cookies.  Also, it turns out that once you get in a rhythm for making cookies, you can just crank those suckers out.

Tuesday was all about getting back a bit of control.  In this case, the control was getting a handle on my finances.  I went into the bank to discuss our options for taking more control of our financial situation.  I am not the case with that now and am thinking carefully about our next steps.

Wednesday and Thursday were all about getting ready for the weekend.  On Thursday though, I took a bit of a risk, made myself vulnerable and tried to follow a course for a piece of technology with some colleagues which was way outside my current knowledge.  I understood the principles but the practical I struggled with but I am determined that I will learn it, even if it takes a bit more time.  I just need to have an idea of how I can continue to grow that knowledge with minimal resources.

Friday, we headed to see my friend in a city I didn’t know at all.  It wasn’t a very touristy city, but we did plenty of urban exploring.  On the Saturday, we explored the area of the city she knew.  On Sunday, we explored an area of the city she didn’t know.  It was all fun and it got me plenty of urban exploring time.  We managed to find the oldest parts of the city as well as the edge of the city, where it gave way to fields. Monday was just a long journey back and finishing my fun audio book.  I did enjoy the book, but it was a bit darker than I remember David Sedaris.  Whether that was just this book or I missed the darkness before, who knows.  But, I am sure I will find out if I read more of his work.

While away, we tried new food places and had a fantastic time just hanging out all together.  However, the one big thing I learned is being spontaneous is hard.  Much harder than I thought it would be.  Sure, we didn’t plan anything and we just went where the wind took us, but we always had a mini-plan in our head. Maybe it is just me?  Maybe I don’t like not having a plan?  I am not sure, but I hate being adrift so I’d speculate that is the case and where all this non-spontaneity comes from.

The one disappointment with my week was that due to being away at the weekend and having lots going on during the week, I didn’t get to go horseback riding.  That was hard.  I love it and was gaining so much momentum by building on my skill week by week.  I just hope I haven’t lost too much of it now.  And Sunday cannot come fast enough for me.





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