Posted in Discovery Project: March

Day 5 of March: The cinema and a rainy day

Yesterday, we did end up going to see Hidden Figures at the cinema.  It was brilliant.  I wouldn’t say it was inspiring because I have no idea the kinds of obstacles they faced and I certainly have never faced anything like what they did but it was beautiful and magical.  Those women were brave and courageous.  They made amazing strides in their fields.  I am jealous of their knowledge and ambition in their fields.  I am jealous of their drive and knowing exactly where they wanted to go and they went for it.  I wish I could do that too. I wish I had that drive.  I wish I could see the path I wanted and just go for it.  Anyway, it was a truly brilliant film.

Today, after my riding lesson, where I cantered again, instead of reading, I ended up being useful (taking back some trousers that didn’t fit) and getting myself a lunch at M&S and then while it was heating up, I played my video game all afternoon while watching documentaries.  Okay, it wasn’t an afternoon of reading while the rain fell outside, but it still felt good. I love my Sundays of horseback riding and then a quiet afternoon.  It is a nice come down before the work week ahead.

As I was driving around today to the stables and back and to M&S, I was still thinking through the question that my friend posed yesterday.  What did I want to do with my life? Sure, it is probably already half over (or maybe even more), but it isn’t over yet.  And I thought about how we discussed yesterday losing parents too young and all the things they didn’t do and how we learned from that.  I have a little dream now.  And it is something I think I would be good at but I don’t yet know how to approach it.  Right now it is little more than a spark of inspiration.  It has niggled before, but I put it down.  This time, I intend to give it the attention it deserves and I deserve.  This time, I will pay attention to my passions and to my wants.  This time, I will be brave and bold, not afraid.


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