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Day 2 of March: Stories

I have to say that Engulfed isn’t my favourite of David Sedaris’s memoire pieces, but I am still finding parts of it funny and fun to listen to.  I love that he is performing it himself.  So that is a big tick there for the finding an amusing audiobook.  I think what I love most about him is his very dry wit.  I have a dry wit.  It wasn’t always appreciated in America.  Now I understand why we both live in Europe.  I always forget that Amy is his sister.  I also love her.

I am also trying to figure out what film I want to go and see.  It turns out since I stopped checking films, every film I want to see is now out.  My two top pics though are Hidden Figures and Viceroy’s House.  I’d love to see Moonlight after all the controversy and I really want to see Fences, but it looks like their screenings here will be very limited.  Logan, well, I can’t imagine it going anywhere any time soon.

Yesterday was a perfect evening of nothingtude.  We got Chinese food takeaway from our favourite place, ate and finally watched the film Wild after listening to the audiobook.  I loved the book.  The film was good, but I still loved the book, when it was read to me.

I have been trying for quite some time to figure out why I love to watch and listen to things more than I like to read them.  I think it is because I must be primarily an auditory learner.  If I watch a documentary, or listen to an audiobook, it is more likely that it will stick with me than reading a book.  I used to feel like an imposter in higher education environments, like I was incapable of learning.  I no longer think that is true, just that I enjoy learning in a different way.  To me, there is nothing more special than someone telling me a story.


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