Posted in Discovery Project: February

Day 26 of February: The last of baking

Today was a big success on so many levels.  Today, I cantered on a horse for the very first time.  I made a tasty cauliflower soup for my lunches this week and I baked biscuits – sort of.  I decided that American style biscuits are similar enough to scones that I could use good old Mary Berry’s recipe again for biscuits. I did.  And okay, they aren’t the light, fluffy things I am used to, but minus the sugar they are similar enough.  And guess what!  They actually rose!  It makes me feel like I am ending this month’s adventures on a high.  I took a picture and everything because I was so proud.  Getting bread products to rise was something I have never been able to master, until today. And, as I always suspected, the thicker the dough, the higher they rise.  Not to mention the fact that I barely touched them with my hands.  I think Mary would be proud.  Sure they look a little abnormal, but don’t we all.  🙂  And who wants perfect home baked goods anyway.  How would you know they were home baked if they were perfect?

I am looking forward to next month.  It was already going to be pretty action packed, but I am trying to cram in everything that I can possibly think of that I love to do, that really lights my fire and gets me going.  So, it is probably going to be a bit insane, or at least drive me there.

Tomorrow, I am going to try to focus on my reflections for this month.  I think this will be quite baking centric because, really, I have tried to focus on the basics and learning to get those things right.  Apparently, I also need to get back to baking more cookies.  They were apparently even more of a hit that I realised and requests for subscriptions are rolling in.  And here I thought I couldn’t bake.


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