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Day 24 of February: Planning March

So, I finally sat down and tried to plan March.  Goodness knows it has been probably the hardest month to plan, because there was no real plan or direction to it.  And after fighting it for a long time (or a week), I sat down and thought about what lights my fire, what really gets me going, what makes me animated.  And it is experiences.  I love having them.  And, I had already added a few things to what I wanted to do such as trips to the theatre for a literature festival, arranging a trip for my birthday to see a friend, and learning to ride a horse – which I’ve already started.  But, what else could I do?  What do I love to do?

I decided to go simple.  I decided to try to fit in as many things that I love as possible.  I am still struggling to come up with something new to try this month, but I’m sure I’ll get there.  Here is my complete list of things I want to try to do next month although I may not be able to fit in all of them:

  1. Theatre trips for the Literature festival (pre-booked)
  2. Visit to a friend for a weekend (pre-booked)
  3. Horseback riding (of course)
  4. Going out to the cinema (it’s been a while)
  5. Listen to a fun audiobook
  6. Buy a Buddha
  7. Plant a few herbs and veggies
  8. Go hiking
  9. Writing in a coffee shop
  10. Eat ice cream and watch a good film while drinking wine
  11. Lazy day reading a book on the couch
  12. Go exploring
  13. Spend a day up on the Moors
  14. Take a risk
  15. Do something spontaneous
  16. Appreciate the little things in my day

While none of this is really new things for me, they are things I enjoy doing. They are things I would never have thought twice about in my younger days.  And they are active.  I have noticed since I try to get out and get moving a bit more these days that I feel better and happier in myself.  I have more energy. I am normalising a routine, which feels good.  I feel happier in myself.  But doing a few crazier or spontaneous things suits me too.  It may be something as simple as taking myself out for a drink or something a bit more ambitious.  I’ll see where the month takes me and the opportunities it presents.  I will say this though, I am now way more excited for March.



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