Posted in Discovery Project: February

Day 19 February: Eating & Fun

Yesterday, we spent our afternoon with friends and their children hanging out at one of our favourite big houses in the area.  While the house wasn’t open, we could still walk the grounds and had a decent lunch.  The kids loved the play area and the adults enjoyed getting out and about.  It was a beautiful day.  More importantly, it reminded me how much I love the English countryside. Well, the UK countryside really because I love Scotland best of all.  The Lake District is a very close second.  But, where we live is very gorgeous too and we are completely lucky.

I have eaten more of my cookies from last night and they are still brilliant.  I am super pleased by this.  Next up are American bread biscuits.  After that, I need to be thinking about March and what comes then.  This is one of my most nebulous months and I am trying to figure out what exactly it means to me.  I know that horseback riding was a key component to learning something new and fun.  And I have a trip to visit a friend for a long weekend booked in. And, I have plenty of trips to the theatre for a local literature festival, but I’d like to find more day to day things that will be fun for me and I don’t know what to do. When I first started this project, I thought it was truly sad that I didn’t know what I enjoyed or wanted to do for fun.  I have been finding out a few things, but I need more.  Maybe, I should just do a few activities each week and see what I like? I’m ruminating.


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