Posted in Discovery Project: February

Day 17 of February: No cookies yet

I came home thinking I would make my Macaroni and Cheese and then bake some cookies.  Sadly, I remembered too late the mixer had been used for icing last night and I couldn’t make them.  I could have mixed by hand but my lunch time yoga session both loosened me up but also made me feel exhausted. So making cookies can wait until tomorrow.  And I’ll make a second batch on Sunday.

I am feeling a little sad that I let the husband take the cake to his office today.  It smelled so good last night and I had not one crumb of it.  Still, it is better for me that others ate it.  I am still trying to decide if I like baking or not.  Baking for other people and not eating the results myself will be probably the best test.

Today, I was pretty active between my yoga class and walking 10,000 steps and I ate so much less than I have done previously.  It feels good, but I feel far too exhausted, more than I probably should.  I am enjoying making tasty, tasty food but I have a feeling this is only adding to my weight gain.  I am enjoying the Fitbit though.  It is helping me keep track and it will hopefully help me eat all the things that I love but without upping my weight any more.

My other victory, I got the name of the original yoga teacher I started a beginner class with last year. I am contemplating seeing if I can get a few private lessons for April yoga.


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