Posted in Discovery Project: February

Day 15 of February: Tacos & Salsa but no baking

Tonight, I did actually leave work at 4pm and I got home in time to make salsa, and chicken tacos before my massage.  I did not however, get a chance to bake, which was disappointing, but I guess I have tomorrow for that. However, on the whole I have had a super productive day.  It has not been one without challenges, but I have met and exceeded them.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned here that I get pretty regular back massages.  I tend to carry all my tension there and it can often have aches and pains.  So, when we can afford it, I go to get a massage.  It makes me feel better and loosens the tension.

Finally, the Fitbit app where I record my daily calorie intake has been a little shocking.  I am so completely disappointed with myself.  I knew my movements were a bit poor but the calories I was taking in were shocking.  No wonder I was feeling very unhealthy.  But, it has been helpful.  I am drinking water rather than coke.  I’ve been taking walks on my lunch.  And I had resolved to walk down to a further bus stop in the mornings to catch the bus – which hasn’t been happening, but I did get off at an earlier stop today and walked home.  This has really helped me feel like I am a little bit more active.  I think I really needed that.

I need to put in a food order tonight but it is all feeling a little too much.


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