Posted in Discovery Project: February

Day 14 of February: Valentine’s Day

Again, I haven’t baked.  I have been calculating my calorie intake though and that is scary enough.  I have also been working late for the last few nights and I have been coming home pretty exhausted.  So, we have had take away last night and tonight we went around M&S and picked up ready meals.  Only, I went into M&S hungry.  So, while my husband took 20 minutes to find his lamb steaks, I had picked up a ready meal, garlic bread, chocolate puddings, a ham and cheese toastie (for Saturday lunch), and mini chocolate Easter eggs, some with caramel some without.  We would lose each other and every time I reappeared, I was carrying a new item.  Two morals have come from this story – once again, never shop when hungry but if you do, this is a fun way to blast both you and the other person you are with out of a grump.

Down to the more serious part of the evening though, I still need to perfect the cake recipe and secondly, I need to crack on with deciding if I will use the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe or try a different one.  I think I probably will use the Nestle one because it is the taste of my childhood.  Finally, we really need to get back on track with our meal planning.  I made a plan, but it has sort of fallen apart this week due to lateness.  Tomorrow, I will pull myself back in line.  Honest, gov.


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