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Day 12 of February Baking: Enjoyment

Because we still had plenty of cake from yesterday, I decided against baking another one today.  I can make one again later this week.  It was really very simple and quite easy. I have also created a few Trello boards for us to help keep on top of our home chores, food planning, and our home projects.  I have also learned that performing yoga when you are still new to it, the day before a riding lesson, when you are freezing and your muscles won’t work right is probably not a good thing to do.

I did learn today what I need to get to cantering in my horse riding.  I need to be more consistent with my rising trot, keep the horses trotting (which means relaxing the reigns so I’m not pulling them to a stop), and keep my eyes forward.  When I can do all that, I too can canter with the big, little girls.

I am also working on my weight a little.  I put out a call among friends for a fitness/calorie counting app so I could track all my exercise not just steps and understand how that relates to my food intake.  So far, I think the Fitbit app is winning.

The other thing today which fascinated me is what people look forward to each week or month in their lives.  I posted to my Facebook that I needed a bit of help being inspired to get out in the cold, rain (which was nearly sleet) to go riding today.  And I asked people to inspire me with what gets them through their week and what they look forward to each week.  I had only a few responses which surprised me because usually I would get like maybe 10 responses for something like that.  And this time, there was only a few.  They were things like the perfect cup of coffee on the weekend and spending time with friends.  It surprised me that there was nothing that people felt really passionate about.  There was nothing that really seemed to fire people up, which has lead me to an alternative question.  Do people not really have anything that fires them up?  Before I had riding, I didn’t really have anything like that myself or that was just pure fun.  But, I think that is how my life lost much of its meaning for me.  It also overwhelms me with sadness that people may not have something that fires them up in their lives.  I want to believe that people were just out doing what they loved, like one of my friend’s pointed out but I can’t shake the sadness feeling that there may be more people out there similar to how I was 6 months ago than to how I am now.  It worries me on a society level.

One final thing occurred to me today and I am going to try to state this without sounding big headed.  I always liked and really respected those women who went out there, grabbed life by the horns and danced to their own tune.  I admired those who carved their own path in life, not just following the normal.  It occurred to me that in a small way, I am doing that.  I wanted to try riding all my life, and I am.  I wanted to live in Europe, and I am. I make things happen for myself when I really want them.  I am that girl… a little.



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