Posted in Discovery Project: February

Day 11 of February baking: Baking Triumph

Ever since I landed on the slightly soggy shores of Britain, I have been trying to master the art of making an American style cake.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are many truly fabulous things about Britain, including in my book, the weather.  But cakes – they are just stodgy and heavy and not that great in my humble opinion.  And I can hear the chorus of outraged Brits now, from the loud miffing noises to the ‘Oi, whatcha sayin”bout us?!’ comments.  And I know.  I’m sorry your cakes suck, but they do.  They just do.  And during my tenure in this marshy, damp abyss of cakelessness, I have tried boxed cakes like I used to get in the US, I tried my mother’s old standby Texas Sheet Cake, I have tried knock off recipes and I have tried using every type of flour going in Britain because God alone knows what is roughly equivalent here to US all purpose flour.  However, today, I did it!  I made an American style cake.  It was light, it was fluffy, and it was moist.  It didn’t taste stodgy, heavy or like sawdust (sorry, I forgot that one in my complaints above).  It tasted like pure sugary heaven.  And even though Tesco sprinkles don’t appear to get me the funfetti style I was after, just the fact that I could make such a delicious cake with no soggy middles and burnt tops is just perfect for me.  I can actually bake!  Woohoo!  And my mother would be pleased to know that she was right.  It was that the estimates of the temperatures when you convert from F to C meant that the oven was running just a little too hot.  Bake it lower, for longer and you too can enjoy tasty American style cake in Britain.

Combine that with another small victory today and it won’t even matter that it the weather is absolutely horrible out.  Thinking ahead to April, when I will begin looking at yoga, I thought if I want to do anything meaningful with it (and not weigh 20 stone by the time I get to April) I should probably start slowly and begin working on it a bit now.  I have also been doing my yoga classes anyway off and on.  So, I started this morning with 40 minutes (or 2 beginner sessions from youtube) of yoga practice.  GO ME!  I think that 40 minutes earned me another slice of cake.


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