Posted in Discovery Project: February

Day 9 of February: Baking & Cooking Win

Tonight, I came home from work and got back to work.  I started by trying to figure out what I could make for supper.  I was starving.  It had been a long day with only porridge, soup, and an apple.  I needed more sustenance. So, I got back to work in the kitchen and found that the only meat that wasn’t quite out of date was in fact the chicken pieces.  Firstly, I made the taco seasoning and then I seasoned the chicken with it and let it all marinate while I prepared everything else.  While that marinated, I began to make salsa.  The salsa could then get added on to the chicken tacos to make them even tastier.

And while the salsa was refrigerating, I began to make the scones.  I tried a slightly different recipe tonight.  Instead of working the flour, baking soda, and butter together by hand, I used the food processor like Mary Berry suggests in her Devonshire scones recipe.  And, I even remembered to put the sugar in before the milk and eggs.  Once again, the scones didn’t quite rise the way I hoped, but it was much better than last time.  They still are a bit flat but the middles at least has a little rise to them.  So, not perfect, but it is getting better.  More importantly, I came home and just began working on the food and even did a little baking.  Yes, it took a long time, but we had an amazing supper because of it.  I’m a little proud of myself today.


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