Posted in Discovery Project: February

Day 5 of February: Disappointment

I think that pretty much sums up the day.  It started with horseback riding and I didn’t get a chance to canter and my riding wasn’t as good as it was on the Thursday.   I am still struggling to ‘steer’ my horse and I struggled a lot with keeping the rhythm when trotting.  But, I’m working on it.

Disappointment 2 was that the scones didn’t rise.  Mary Berry would be so disappointed in me.  Part of it may have been that I twisted the scone cutter I was using.  The second is that I probably didn’t use the correct tool to cut the scones.  I also forgot to add the sugar before the milk and eggs so these all probably led to the fact that they didn’t rise.  As they are currently cooling, I am not sure if they taste any good.  But, I’m still disappointed with the not rising thing, mostly because this is my big problem with American biscuits too. And given that they are very similar ingredients, this isn’t surprising.  Oh well, taste test time and then hopefully I will make another batch this week and they will hopefully taste better than they look.

At least our ensuite is looking lovely.


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