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Day 2 of February Baking: Selecting recipes, DIY and horses

A new month has begun and with that a new challenge to help feed myself up.  My first baking experiment is going to be scones, because, well, living in Britain now, it kind of had to be.  Plus, they are the best clotted cream delivery mechanism. I have also saved a huge amount of scone recipes on Pinterest from when I was trying to convince my husband we should open up a B&B in the Highlands, so far with no success, but I haven’t given up on that dream.  So, I began my scone recipe search with Pinterest.  There were blueberry scones and chocolate chip scones and scones with glazes and scones with lavender and buttermilk scones and everything in between.  Finally, one did catch my eye.  One that seemed workable and best of all it was from the great baker herself, Mary Berry.  It was as simple a recipe I could have hoped for when making my very first scones ever.  So, thanks Mary and here is her recipe I am planning to try.  Now, on to the ordering process.

I have actually had yesterday and today off work.  I had annual leave that I had to use from last year or I would lose it by the end of February.  So, I am obviously painting the ensuite.  To be fair to me, and my weird annual leave decisions, it desperately needed it.  From the fact that it was a mould growing laboratory to the dark colour on the walls that made it feel oppressive, it desperately, desperately needed it. It is now a lovely blue-y green-y colour and I have even painted the trim, which was looking pretty rough and the ceiling which was turning oranger with every shower.  Hopefully, after I apply the final coats tomorrow, we will have a clean and fresh ensuite – minus the mould.

And horses, well, I think anyone reading along knows where this one is going.  But since I was off work today, I could join the 4:30pm class for a mid-week ride.  I am now trotting without needing to hold the saddle at all and the teacher for this lesson encouraged me to try cantering on Sunday.  That feels like a big, exciting and nervous step.  I even rode a different horse today.  This one had a bit of a personality on her and I loved every second of our fights.  This is one of those things where I can hear myself thinking, why didn’t I do this sooner.  The truth is money.  And really, maybe I am enjoying it so much because it is exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.  Maybe, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it quite so much had I tried it earlier.


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