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Day 30 of January Cooking: Reflections

I am now at the end of January and looking back on my month to see what went well and what maybe didn’t go so well.  This post is my ‘this month I learned’ post.  And I have to say I didn’t think I would learn very much or rather, I guessed ahead of time what I thought I would learn.  And while it did confirm quite a bit I already knew about myself there were a few good lessons I learned and a few more that I had to relearn.  So here is what I think a month of feeding myself through cooking has taught me.

  1. You can try your best to replicate something from the homeland, but it will never quite be the same.
  2. There is such a thing as too much ginger.
  3. I will choose friends over plans with just myself. Always.
  4. A plan for a recipe (or life) can easily go out the window.  That’s okay.  It’s just life.  Let it go.  Let it be what it will be. I may, in fact, still be learning this one.
  5. Chilis get hotter with age.
  6. When you get chili in the eye, use milk to wash it out and stop the burning.
  7. Mostly, I do okay, even when I let go of some of my own control.
  8. I do enjoy cooking, but mostly I enjoy mastering. From mastering, I can then experiment and make it my own.  And no matter how hard I try to sit back an enjoy the experience of learning, I hate not being able to do something amazingly well the first time.
  9. Why can I not do fun without being able to do something well?  Why do I find the process so frustrating?

And a sort of thought I had which has nothing to do with cooking, but has been an alternate theme for this month, seeing old friends, who I may not see often, is a true gift.



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