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Day 29 of January Cooking: Successful Salsa

Today was a good day for many reasons.  Firstly, riding today went really well.  I as able to trot without holding onto the saddle.  I need to get a little bit better on that and then I can begin to canter.  My new set of breeches for riding and my new riding hat seem to work well and are really comfortable.  And because I have some time off this week, I will get in 2 riding lessons instead of just 1.  That will be fantastic because I do look forward to riding every week.

The second good thing is that we have some colour samples on the en-suite wall.  I couldn’t be decisive so we ended up with 9 sample pots.  I think we have it narrowed down to 2 and I will be painting starting on Wednesday, as I took the end of the week off so I could do just that.

The third thing was I did a little voice work for a friend who does a small programme for a volunteer radio station down south.  The first episode aired and I listened to it afterwards.  I was pretty stiff, but by the end, not too bad.  Again, a fun little side project that I am enjoying at the moment.

Finally, today was my last day of cooking.  I had another go at salsa which was much better.  I think I will need to keep experimenting with how many jalapenos to put in it until I have it the exact spiciness I like, but until then, at least experimenting is helping me with my veggie intake.  I have started to compile my list of things I have learned over this month.  Some are small things mainly related to cooking and some are bigger, more general things I have learned about myself.  Either way, first month nearly done and hopefully tomorrow I will write up my lessons learned.


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