Posted in Discovery Project: January

Day 28 of January Cooking: Today

Today, wasn’t about cooking.  Today was about finding the right colour for our bathroom that I will be painting next week and buying a pair of riding jodhpurs and a riding cap for my lessons.  Today was about ice cream and a car full of petrol.  Today was about catching up with an old friend I haven’t seen in a very long time.  Today was about wine and food and laughter and fun.  Today was a day that was totally devoted to feeding up the soul.  Today was about checking in on a friend back home going through a tough time.  Today was about seeing the amazing beauty that is all around me in the place that I live.  Today was about standing up for what I believe in.  Today was about sharing a positive message of hope with my friends.  Today was about taking to the time to catch up with someone even though there were 50 other things that I could be doing.  Today was about the simple pleasures, the beauty of nature, the sunlight streaming through breaks in the clouds, laughing and drinking and eating.  Today was about watching others as they enjoyed their own lives.  Today was about letting go of inhibitions and just being myself and breathing easy.  Today was about not always being on my guard and not being perfect.  Today was about being in the moment.  That is what today was all about.


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