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Day 27 of January Cooking: Belated Takeaway Thursday

Because we ended up eating at home last night we decided to make tonight Takeaway night.  That, and all the meat in the refrigerator had gone off without us realising it.  Ooops.  But, it was the right decision for tonight to kick back a little and just eat something lovely that we didn’t have to prepare.  I have been able to take another look at the food order for my second attempt at salsa and we are good to go for that one.

I have also started compiling my list of lessons over this past month.  It doesn’t feel like we are a month into the new year, but maybe that is just testament to how much I have been doing.  And I think, like many experiments, this one hasn’t turned out quite how I planned.  But, it has been fun.

I did a second week of yoga today too.  I liked this teacher much better as it wasn’t quite as intense.  But, she seems to switch frequently with the other lady and I didn’t enjoy last week as much as I did this week.  I also am not a big fan of frequent switching.  I did like the woman I had for the 4 taster sessions last year but frustratingly, I did not get her card.  I am now going to have to go grovelling to the rec centre at work to see if they possibly have her contact details and hope they don’t mind that I am not using their facilities and instructors.  But, I think I need consistency and routine to really build up my stamina and desire to do yoga.  And I do want to press on with yoga.  I love the connection to the spirit that I don’t experience with other exercise.  And for me, I feel a better connection with a gentler approach, not a yoga to make you sweat kind of a teacher.

But tomorrow, tomorrow is dedicated to buying riding gear and salsa!


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