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Day 26 of January Cooking: The Return to Ginger Chicken Udon

The husband was out for a works do tonight and I had planned to go to Wagamama to retry the Ginger Chicken Udon to see if I could then go and match their flavours.  Circumstances meant that I didn’t go out for supper and so was left cooking for myself.  I decided this was my opportunity to take another shot at my version of Ginger Chicken Udon.  I had to go out to buy some new leggings so I wasn’t using the same leggings for riding as I was for yoga.  My hopes are on Saturday that I can also go get a riding cap and jodhpurs so my leggings won’t need to stink.  But, since I was out picking these up, I also picked up the few bits that I needed to make another batch of the Ginger Chicken Udon.

This time, I made two changes.  Firstly, I used far less soy sauce and secondly, I rinsed off the noodles because I used ready for wok noodles and wanted to rinse off any of the preservatives which may contain lots of salt. While this version I made tonight was much closer to the Wagamama flavour, it still isn’t quite right.  I think my next step is going to be trying a different recipe next time, probably this one.  It also has less ginger and I think that may be the overwhelming flavour that overpowers the rest of the dish.

I finished my night with a bag of popcorn and completing a food order for Saturday when I will give making salsa another go.  I have to say, this hasn’t been my most successful week in my cooking adventure.  Roll on February and baking!


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