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Day 25 of January Cooking: The great salsa experiment

Yesterday, I came home planning to cook some pork chops but instead I came home to a freezing cold house.  It turned out that while we had hot water, it looked like the central heating was firing, but the radiators would not kick in.  Cue a frantic text to my manager asking if I could possibly work from home today while I waited in for an engineer.  Luckily, we could get one out today to see what was going on.  Turns out the communication box between the thermostat and the boiler probably had an intermittent fault.  This has now been replaced so fingers crossed that it all works.  But so far, so warmer.

Because I had to work from home today, I could change out commuting time into running to our small grocery store up the road and make a first batch of salsa with some chicken tacos tonight. I could also prep the chicken meat and allow it extra time to marinate in the seasonings.  To make my tacos, I use this recipe for taco seasoning, but with fresh onions, fresh red pepper (since I struggle to get red pepper flakes over here) and fresh garlic.  The tacos are always a husband pleaser and the extra marinating time seems to have enhanced it.

The salsa recipe was nearly spot on but, pretty darn close.  I used a red jalapeno instead of a green one (because that is what I had to hand).  Turns out, the red ones are pretty spicy and I am not a big fan of too spicy.  So, more experimentation needed, but the rest other than that, it was perfect.  I truly loved it.

And, I have learned one very important life lesson from making the salsa.  If you get red chili/jalapeno or any kind of spicy juices in your eye, bathe your eye in milk.  It takes the sting away.  Also, chili peppers get spicier with age.  Who knew?

Salsa on tacos!


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