Posted in Discovery Project: January

Day 23 of January Cooking: Salsa plans

I had been chatting with my friend who makes amazing salsa and asked for her recipe.  I figured if she got it to me this week, I could compare it to the one in The Border Cookbook and see which one sounded the best.  It turns out that her recipe IS the one from The Border Cookbook.  So, I think I have my recipe for this weekend.  In fact, I might go and get the stuff and try making it during a weeknight.  It doesn’t seem hard and it would go great with my tacos I will be making later this week.  That would mean I would have more time to play around with the recipe, experiment and try to perfect.

I need to get to thinking about my lessons over the month, but instead I am arranging things with friends.  A key component of being me I think is people.  I really like spending time with people.  And while I seem like someone who likes down time, and I do and I need it, I also love being around people.  It makes me focus on the day and the moment in a way that I can’t when I am just chilling at the house.  This is something to think about for the rest of the year.


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