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Day 22 of January Cooking: Chicken Pad Thai

This weekend has been pretty action packed for us and I have one last task left to do which I don’t think I will quite get finished before the end of the evening.  But, I did make the gusto Pad Thai recipe for our supper tonight.  It needs a bit more flavour and spice, and this may be down to me not buying their boxes but putting it together myself, but on the whole it was good and some extra spice can quite easily be added.  Along with the ginger chicken udon, I think this will be included in our regular recipe rotation, particularly for evening, weekday suppers.  It was completely quick to make and will be easy to replicate time and time again.

Also, we have the stuff to make chicken tacos this week for suppers along with trying the ginger chicken udon again.  I’m actually super excited for suppers this week in a way I haven’t been for quite some time.  The recipes that I have lined up are all easy to make and very tasty!

My other exciting thing for today was during my horseback riding lesson, I was able to ride without someone leading the horse and I was not holding the saddle but both the reigns when trotting for at least part of the lesson.  That felt truly great.  My husband even commented that it is quickly becoming a hobby.  With that in mind, I think next weekend I may go pick up a riding helmet and jodhpurs for my riding lessons.  And, for March’s fun things list, I may try to up my lessons from half an hour a week to an hour.  We’ll see when March gets closer though.  Riding is clearly the best decision I have made so far in 2017.

Pad Thai


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