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Day 21 of January Cooking: Ingredients of Success

Today, several interesting and exciting things happened, but let’s start with the one most relevant to this month’s theme.  I found the sugar snap peas I needed for the Chicken Pad Thai recipe.  So, tomorrow the only thing that stands in the way of successful food making is me!  In other news on recipes, my friend who makes the amazing salsa is digging out the recipe for me so I may be able to have the real thing I love rather than looking for a substitute.  Even if she doesn’t get it to me by next week, I will still make it when she does get it to me.

The second thing was boardgaming.  I love it.  I have lots of fun playing games and having a laugh!   Today was great for that.

The third thing is we have a new television cabinet coming today.  We desperately needed one and now we have one that matches the rest of our furniture.

The final thing that I have been doing over the week is coming up with what I am going to bake during February’s feeding myself baking spree.  I plan to do something similar to the cooking plan – choose a recipe each week to research and experiment with on the weekends.  So, for the 4 weeks of February, here are the four things I am planning to bake, and attempt to get right.

Week 1: Scones – just the plain ones, until I get a handle on those.
Week 2: Baking a cake (sponge cake) in a British oven. I always fail with this.
Week 3: Chocolate Chip cookies. Again I failed to master them in a British oven.
Week 4: Fluffy, American biscuits. I can make them, but not light and fluffy.

That’s my baking plan for February as it grows near.   I have never been a great baker or cook really, so it would be nice to do a little better and get some confidence in this.


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