Posted in Discovery Project: January

Day 18 of January cooking: Food for thought

Tonight I met up with another friend who I often like to go to the theatre with.  She and I are both suckers for a good story and hence have bonded over our mutual love of audio books and theatre among other things.  Tonight, she introduced me to something I think will fill my March with fun things and new things to try.  I am so ridiculously thankful that she mentioned these events to me.  More information to come once I get myself sorted with the events.

Cooking tonight, well, the husband made me burger and curly fries while I was on my way home after meeting my friend.  And while I didn’t complete my personal objectives for today, it was a day that was just ‘good for the soul’.  I had some good laughs, heard about some truly positive things going on for my friend. And hearing her happiness was pure joy.  I also share a few laughs with colleagues at work.  It always makes me feel alive when I can get some good banter going with colleagues.  It feels like we are all working together to make our lives a great story, even if we are all just thrown together in a work environment.

So, overall it is a failure on cooking for this week, although I am still looking for a good Chicken Pad Thai recipe to make this weekend, but a few great moments of feeding my soul.  That will do.


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