Posted in Discovery Project: January

Days 16 & 17 January: Failing to cook

The last two days have presented challenges to my plans to cook this month.  Firstly, my lovely husband in an attempt to make our lives easier (and to use up the pork shoulder he accidentally ordered) had dinner in the slow cooker ready for us on Monday.  It was lovely to walk through the door and smell that dinner was quietly simmering away, but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a bit of a disappointment when I smelled it as well.  I had a plan and everything!

Today’s excuse is, I think, rather a good one.  It turns out a friend of mine who is a world traveller and who I haven’t seen in (we estimated together) about 8 years was in town for tonight only and only really made the plans last minute.  This was obviously an opportunity I could not miss.  There was always the possibility that these meetings after so long can be awkward, and I’ve had my fair share of those.  But, it was genuinely nice to see this friend and catch up on life and her whirlwind of travel. This lovely opportunity did mean that I would miss out on the opportunity to cook because I didn’t arrive home until after 7pm and I always get indigestion eating late.  So, instead of chicken pasta, we had pizza from Dominos.

And in case you are wondering, tomorrow will probably also be a day where I fail to cook.  I am catching up with another friend (this one was a little more planned) and again, won’t be getting home until a bit later in the evening.  So, limited cooking time again.  But you just can’t beat some quality time with a good friend.


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