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Day 15 January Cooking: Not so much cooking

Today was sort of a rest day for me.  After last weekend, and being quite ache-y after my first ever horseback riding lesson, I realised that maybe I should take it easy today.  Also, I was making the recipe on Saturday and didn’t really need to do anything else with it today.  So, today my lovely husband did the cooking and made us ham, cheesey potatoes and veggies for me.  He loves a Sunday lunch (only we often have it for dinner).  I am not that bothered and after several weeks of it, I am often ready for something different, much lighter.

So, no real cooking today, but instead I did a few other things.  Firstly, I began to do a little research into the recipe for next week and found that most recipes call for prawns in their Pad Thai, not chicken, which is what I am used to in restaurants.  It seems that you need to specify chicken in your searches.  I went to my second horseback riding lesson, which was really fun.  I was more confident and consequently, did really well which is what made it fun.  And finally, I read an article on yoga so I could begin to think about what type of yoga I would want to do for April.  Who knew there were so many different kinds?  I am going to have to think about it because I want one that is more on the spiritual side, but also, I need a beginner’s type yoga.

I also completed my reflections for the week in my Breathe Journal.  This made me think about the week, my successes and my not-so-much successes.  Yes, a few things were done a little later this week, but I still achieved the overall aim.  I think that is a lesson for me.  Just because I write down when something should happen, doesn’t mean it always can happen at that time.  And really, by becoming frustrated by this, I am only delaying it further.  I need to practice the art of patience, because growth and new rhythms take time to embed.  Patience is not really a virtue I possess but probably one I should work on.

And with that flexibility in mind, looking over this week will mean a few changes.  Like, I will probably have to cook my new recipe on Sunday, not Saturday because we are going to be out with friends most of Saturday.  This doesn’t fit with my cooking, but does come into my feeding my soul ambition.  One way to feed my soul and help me find my path to me again is by reconnecting with people.  And I am starting this a bit now.

So, this week, there may be a few changes to the regular schedule, but I will still try a Pad Thai (with chicken) recipe and I will still be cooking at least 3 other nights this week.  We also have our newly instituted Thursday night takeaway to look forward to.


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