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Day 14 of January Cooking: The Great Ginger Chicken Udon experiment

Well, first of all, I can’t say I was strictly true to any of the recipes that I originally found.  I did primarily use this one, but with red onions and spring onions.  And I completely forgot to add the chilies and the pickled ginger on to it at the end.  Oh well.  And, I think I probably used too much soy sauce.  But, apart from these things, I think it was decent.  I can easily use less soy sauce next time and I don’t like the chilies anyway.  I do not think that it missed anything by not having the pickled ginger.

All in all, it was neither a brilliant success nor a dismal failure but a decent base to build on.  In my head, I am already thinking about other things that I could add to it, like maybe carrots.  I love stir fry veggies and I am hoping in time I can introduce these once I nail down the flavours of the original version.

This one has been a fun recipe to try and one my husband liked as well.  Thankfully, it is also one that is very quick and easy to make so I can see it becoming a welcome addition to our weekday meals repertoire.  And really, that is what this first month is about.  It is to develop my cooking skills and be more adventurous with my cooking routines.  And, it goes without saying, have a little fun in the process.

Today has been largely an overall success, not just in food, but in other things as well.  Firstly, we had a very productive morning taking all those things to the tip that we had been storing up for our next trip.  It always feels good to clear out a few things that are broken or unusable.  Secondly, I was able to pick up a few clothing items I needed at the shop and the husband even tried on jeans and a shirt so we would know what sizes to get him when I inevitably wear him down enough to at least order new clothes through the online stores.  Or, I’ll just remove everything of his with holes in it from the house and he’ll have no choice.  We’ll see which one comes first.

The final victory of the day was the Christmas tree is now out of the house and back in the shed.  And, we have cleaned both bathrooms and the kitchen today.  It is always a bit nicer when the house doesn’t feel like a complete pit.  And sure I haven’t built in these tasks to the week day routine so we can have more fun on the weekend, but at least everything is getting done.

I will say that one solid victory for this week was that I ended it with more energy on Friday night than I have felt in a long time.  Long may this continue because it would be nice not to feel so exhausted on a Friday, but be able to go out and do something instead.


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