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Day 13 of January Cooking: Experimentation with an old favourite

Today after work I had an appointment which meant I was going to be late home.  Thanks to my trusty food planning skills, I knew exactly what we would be having for supper and because of the cold, wintery type weather, I was craving it too.  My lovely husband offered to cook when I called him from the bus stop but I said, ‘no, I planned to make Mac and Cheese.’ My husband does have a specific job when I make mac and cheese, which is to rip up the bacon which we always include – mostly because I hate doing it.  And bless him if he didn’t have the bacon all ripped up and ready when I walked through the door. He also tried very hard to help me by doing a lot of the carrying and fetching.  I think this was most likely down to being hungry as it was pretty late by the time I got home.

The second part of tonight was a bit of an experiment.  I often make mac and cheese, but usually only make it with cheddar and parmesan.  Tonight, I threw in some Red Leicester as well.  This made it closer to the colour of mac and cheese from my childhood and made the sauce even cheesier.  I personally think it was my best mac and cheese yet.  As usual though, it also had spring onions, mushrooms, bacon, garlic and mustard powder as well as the three cheeses and pasta.  I thought it was tasty and there is plenty more for tomorrow’s lunch.

A few other random thoughts I wanted to throw on here while they are in my head.  As I was eating all the leftover chicken noodle soups this week for lunches, I realised why I loved the non-crockpot version best.  Like the Cambell’s chicken noodle soup, which starts life condensed, the broth in that version was extra thick with chicken flavour because you cook a whole chicken in the broth before you cook the soup.  The second reason is that unlike the crock pot recipe, you also strain out some of the things like the thyme (if you are lazy like me and use the dried version in the jars rather than fresh).  This lightening bolt hit me after eating both again for lunches when I was trying to identify what, to me, truly made that second recipe better.  But, it is now once and for all decided that the second recipe will be my go-to.

I am still not very far along with my further planning ahead-ness, like looking for a yoga class or booking a writing class – but tomorrow is another day.  I also feel like I should share my other failure, I haven’t planned next week’s meals very well (or at all).  Next week may involve more experimentation cooking.

But here is my lovely mac & cheese!


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