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Day 12 January Cooking: Takeaway Thursday

Tonight we were supposed to be having chicken and rice for supper.  That was what was in my plan anyway.  Except, my husband had an after work commitment.  Sometimes when he has these, I will go and pick him up and then we usually go for a  Chinese takeaway.  And we decided to do that tonight. It seems he will be doing more things after work on a Thursday and because of this he thought making Thursday, ‘Takeaway Thursday’ would work well for him.  I quickly agreed to this plan.  So sure, this month was supposed to be about cooking, but really, it is about eating and feeding myself.  And, I love Chinese food.  So, Thursdays will now be a slacker cooking day where we just eat a tasty takeaway instead.  Which makes us both happy.  What my husband is also slowly realising is that my takeaway eating always makes me crave watching the Gilmore Girls, for obvious reasons.  We will have to see if that also continues on a Thursday.  But formalising Thursday as Takeaway Thursday also provides a building block for our weekly routine, which I am still struggling to get going. But knowing we will always have a day devoted to a takeaway does help us reduce our wastage on food.

The other minor achievement on the cooking front is I have added the necessities for the Ginger Chicken Udon recipe to our food delivery for this week.  This means I should be able to experiment this weekend with that recipe.  The other item slowly creeping up my to do list is  to begin thinking about February – my baking month.  I also need to start getting a few things in place for my yoga month, especially if I want to take a class.  Maybe I should have Action Plan Saturday, to start to focus on organising these things.



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