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Day 10 January cooking: Recipe selection

Tonight I have done some quick research into Wagamama’s Ginger Chicken Udon and recipes to copy it.  There were really only 2 recipes in the running.  There was this one which is the one that I first found and this one, which I have to say, seemed a bit different from the one that I like at Wagamama’s.  I found a few others but they seemed variations between the two.  The primary reason I wasn’t as big a fan of the second one is because it didn’t have the eggs in it, which I actually like.  I also prefer chicken breasts to chicken thighs and many of the others seem to have chicken thighs within the recipe.

The other thing I noticed about the variation recipes was that they included different flavours and ingredients. For example, this one included sugar, mirin and fish stock.  And this one included broccoli and baby corn – both of which I would like and thought about incorporating, but I think that at first I just want to master the main recipe – the basics if you like, before I begin my experimentation. And finally, this one seemed to be the recipe I was already thinking about making but with thighs, not chicken breasts.  So, after my brief review, the first one I found seems like the one to go for.

I am also already an ingredient up for creating it as well.  My lovely husband stopped at the Asian supermarket on the way home and picked up pickled ginger.  It isn’t the pink one though, so how much do you think that will matter?


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